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Protein group learns Zhou Er of Great Master John Yates to will be in to make a
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Learning of biology physics institute reports

Report title: Driving Biological Discovery Using Quantitative Mass Spectrometry (biology of drive of technology of mensurable mass spectra discovers)

Speaker: Prof. John R. Yates III

Dept. Of Chem. Physiology, the Scripps Research Institute, CA, USA

Place: Hall of big report of biology physics institute

Time: On October 14, 2008 (Zhou Er) 10:00 AM

Compere: Yang Fuquan's researcher

Speaker brief introduction:

John R. Yates, professor III obtained chemical and professional doctor's degree at American Virginia university 1987, hold a post now at chemistry of institute of American California Scripps physiological department. Professor Yates is the pioneer that protein group learns, also be nowadays the academic leader of this one domain. Professor Yates devotes oneself to mass spectra technology to study in the application in biology 20 years, developed SEQUEST software and multidimensional platform of protein appraisal technology (MudPIT) , the technology that promoted protein group revolutionarily to learn develops, to biology research produces far-reaching effect. Professor Yates is in Nature, science, PNAS, MCP, the magazine such as JPR and Proteomics publishs a paper more than 400, the highest honor that he was awarded American mass spectra to learn to learn 2004 " The Biemann Medal " . (Http://fields.scripps.edu)