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JAMA: Security of double phenolic A causes controversy in the beauty
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Study in the light of concerned medicine " the double phenolic A in plastic products is harmful to human body " view, american food and medicaments management board (FDA) course is new round outside adviser will announce on September 16 after group appraise sth through discussion, double phenolic A is safe. But what this one conclusion did not reduce consumer is anxious, about the controversy of security of double phenolic A estimation will still last.

BPA of abbreviation of double phenolic A, it is a kind of wide application at plastic production chemical material, in waiting for plastic container and packing, infantile feeding bottle, carefe contains this one material mostly. Whether does double phenolic A endanger health especially the argumentative long-standing of children health.

On a hearing that holds in 16 days, laura Dalandinuo of director of office of security of FDA additive agent for food says: "Current, the conclusion that we reach temporarily is, it (double phenolic A) is safety, so we did not suggest people changes use habit. So we did not suggest people changes use habit..

But she points out at the same time: "People can take a few step, reduce a contact (the degree of double phenolic A) . " these measure include not to use those reclaiming word of mark amount to the plastic container of 7, because this kind of container contains double phenolic A mostly. People should avoid to heat with this kind of container especially food, because high temperature can make,the double phenolic A in container is released.

According to statistic, the American of 90% above contains double phenolic A inside body. But FDA emphasizes saying, the level of double phenolic A inside human body normally very low, can't endanger health.

But a lot of scientists think, double phenolic A may produce the effect of similar estrogen inside body, the metabolization process inside disturbed human body. Experiment of the animal before this ever discovered, likelihood and mammary gland, prostate and reproductive system disease concern double phenolic A, cause certain cancer possibly still. The near future of Yale college of medicine considers to return discovery, it is the experimental discovery of the object with the monkey, double phenolic A and monkey brain function are wrong concern mussily with the mood.

Be in of FDA hearing that day, authoritative medicine periodical " periodical of American medicine association " (JAMA) publishs a report to say, the uric sample investigation that researcher has to nearly 1500 adult shows, the level of double phenolic A is high person in those uric fluid suffers from more easily heart disease and diabetic. The expert that comes from university of close Su Li urges FDA to take action in an editorial, cogent reduce the people to be opposite the osculatory degree of double phenolic A.

The expert points out, although this is a research with the largest scale that heretofore concerns security of double phenolic A, but research remains to confirm further as a result.
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