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8 scientists are obtained American country is scientific 2007 award
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American national science foundation is met (Director NSF) Arden L. Bement is right bear the palm person the opinion that gave height, think report of their a feather in one's cap gave this one award value and meaning.

National science award is established 1959, it is the highest honor of American science and engineering field. This award those who aim to reward each domain to undertake precursory science studies is individual. These scientific research jobs let people be known better all round the world, brought innovation and technology, let the United States be in lead position in global economy. So far, the 9 Chinese scientist such as mutual Wu Jianxiong, Zhu Jingwu wins this award.

It is reported, general of the White House on September 29 powwow, at the appointed time these 8 scientists will win national science medal.

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