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8 scientists are obtained American country is scientific 2007 award
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Caption: National science is numismatic
(Picture origin: NSF)

Meet according to American national science foundation (NSF) authoritative information, american president Bush announced American country is scientific 2007 a few days ago award (winner of 2007 National Medal Of Science) , 8 scientists obtain this special honour. They are respectively --

Life science domain:

The Robert J of American Du Ke university. Lefkowitz, it is the the biggest, most important that he studied and albumen idol couplet suffers the G that achieves the most easily on cure body (GPCR) system, this system accepting put oneself in another's position is controlling cell and organ to be opposite medicaments and answer hormonally.

American shellfish straps the Bert W of the college of medicine. O'Malley, he studied steroid hormone (steriod body hormone, the cent pickaback plane of Steroid Hormone) action is made, and hormonal suffer body and complementary activation child (Coactivators) . Hormone of steroid of understanding of this pair of people is mixed in normal growth the action in the disease produced main effect.

Chemical domain:

The Mostafa El-Sayed of American Zun Zhiya technical institute, the electric character that he understands accept rice structure and accept rice stuff for people and catalytic character made enormous contribution.

Engineering field:

Los angeles of American California university divides the Leonard Kleinrock of school, he occupies a network in contemporary number (the mathematical theory respect of Data Networks) made fundamental sex contribute, the package that he offers exchanges a technology (the foundation that the functional standard of Packet Switching) is Internet technology.

The Andrew J of university of the California austral the United States. Viterbi, he developed a code that accumulate a code (the biggest likelihood of Convolution Coding) is algorithmic (Maximum-likelihood Algorighm) , and made fundamental sex contribution for wireless technology.

Content science department learns a territory:

The Fay Ajzenberg-Selove that law Ni Yada learns American guest on the west, she promoted scientific research in the job of nuclear physics respect to application change, include to get fusion among them can, medicine of ancient implements division of history into periods, nucleus.

Champagne of university of Yi of Nuo of American Yi benefit divides the Charles Slichter of school, he makes nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) makes a kind of powerful tool, will announce the fundamentality of element, liquid and solid is qualitative. On this foundation, countless modern technology emerge as the times require.

The David Wineland of American state level and technical academy, he is shown went out to hold the crackajack leadership that accuses to go up in laser refrigeration and ion, these science and technology have a lot of application in modern physics.
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