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American invention is used " sparge is analytic law of ionization mass spectra "
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DESI will become detective not only people the edge tool of explore case, also have the latent capacity of drawing doctor look extremely. Because of DESI as much can the organic secretion on assay dactylogram. Although these secretion stay on dactylogram, it is the immediate result with body metabolic interior however. Consequently, they can be regarded as to be one of vane of human body health again. Probably, we can expect one day the doctor can see a doctor to give the disease on patient body with a skin of scanning patient.

Now, the member of moxa law group Gelahan Kukesi (Graham Cooks) the DESI instrument that makes mass spectrograph of miniature of the one buy inside the stage already successfully, this instrument has medical case so big, very appropriate carry at legal medical expert. Face increasingly powerful dactylogram to analyse a technology, look, it is habitual offender people him astringent both hands when.

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