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American invention is used " sparge is analytic law of ionization mass spectra "
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All detective novels confuse most propbably to know, extraction and analytic dactylogram are one picket really drab and expatiatory handicraft work. Of the depict in be like a novel in that way, rigorous legal medical expert people brandish is worn little brush, noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch is used on dactylogram, stick again on adhesive plaster... although be opposite most patient and meticulous person, this is a not small challenge. Nevertheless now, legal medical expert people need not resemble again " card of guilty spot ancient bronze mirror " (CSI) in depict in that way, to differentiate dactylogram is terribly defeated. Need analyzer of a portable dactylogram only, thorny question is not difficult be readily solved.
August " science " the magazine wrote civil introduction " sparge is analytic law of ionization mass spectra " (abbreviation DESI) article, the contriver of this technology is Professor Daimian Aifa that comes from indiana general to cross an university and his group. The outstanding place of this technology depends on: Unlike conventional optical technology, DESI is a kind of chemical technology. It can well and truly appraisal dactylogram, easily field operation, the circumstance that ever contacted an object to jackknife dactylogram and convict also can know sth like the palm of one's hand.

The working principle of this technology is: The dactylogram area in a minimum (make an appointment with 0.15mm × 0.15mm) inside, the mixture of the electrified methanol on gush and water. Connect when these small droplet and dactylogram when touching, it can collect the chemical material in dactylogram automatically, make a film of a liquid state. As the addition of the droplet that sprays inside this dactylogram area, the fluid shape film that forms before is met diffuse, inspiratory spectrometer. Right now, spectrometer begins to undertake what collection molecular analysis. Time of cost of place of this one process is tens of seconds only.

The differentiate and analyse that DESI passes pair of place on dactylogram to contain an element just about comes " catch " really fierce. Each element on dactylogram can be gifted by spectrometer a so called chemistry " like element " . Here " resemble element " the meaning resembling element that goes up with screen of course is different: Latter represents a kind of color, and former representing a kind of member. Dactylogram is formed by each dactylogram segments.

DESI is a technology that is based on chemical principle. So, compare visual skill, it owns another outstanding part: Can detect the person that keeps loops and whorls on a finger has contacted those article before this. Moxa law and his work in the same placing ever examined in the experiment the content such as the cocaine that skill points to to the contact passes, hempen, dynamite. In addition, the jackknife dactylogram with very difficult to optical technology clear differentiate and analyse, DESI also can be done easily calm.
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