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Classification of European Union chemical and label act are about to come on sta
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Be about to reach preparation trafficker to carry out to the chemical material of the European Union as the European Union " chemical is registered, judge make allowance for to permit code " (abbreviation REACH code) , about chemical the code of classification and label method will come on stage. New code will learn to taste classification and label to coordinate a system to agree with the globalization of U.N. . Europe appoint already can pass to be mixed about chemical material intermixture classification, label and the code that pack are second reading, already brought into the classified standard that U.N. approves and label regulation.

Current, all chemical material suppliers must according to " dangerous material is how-to " (67/548/EEC) classifies material and add stick label, just can sell at the market, and original " new material " bulletin system already was replaced by REACH code. REACH code is fundamental formulate with active code, but the criterion that does not have pair of classification and label or responsibility make a provision, cite only " dangerous material is how-to " reach " dangerous preparation is how-to " (the relevant provision of 1999/45/EC) .

To learn to taste classification and label with globalization harmonious system agrees, the European Union is used about the place in code " preparation " (one word of Preparation) , instead " intermixture " (Mixture) . Afore-mentioned code are second reading the chemical that content includes to coordinate a system endangers level, and relevant harm category and the standard that make a harm to the body, healthy, environment. According to second reading regulation, if some material or intermixture accord with any standard that compromise level, be regarded as to endanger content namely.

Code is second reading aim to establish one each to classify a system all right for the enterprise, before entering European Union market to selling the material of market of past European Union or intermixture to be in, trafficker must undertake classified according to the following method: 1. Identify reach elaborate its to endanger;2. Evaluate the data;3 of concerned harm. The harm criterion that concerned data and code second reading place carries undertakes comparative.

Label respect, trafficker must offer the name of the supplier, address and telephone, can identify the data of material or intermixture, endanger a mark, endanger statement, beware of statement, and the additional data of concerned harm.

Second reading suitable scope as far as possible press close to is active European Union system, supplement each other with new REACH code, will replace this code " classification and label catalog " , but can make a certain number of technologies edit. Compare with active system photograph, the classified material below new system amount general and current and similar. As to preparation (code is second reading medium " intermixture " ) , because average concentration limitation and computational method are changed somewhat, the intermixture number that needs classification may increase. According to Europe appoint the analysis that can undertake, code implements code of pair of active European Union second readingly the influence is slight.
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