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Lead exceeds mark to violate plan emphasis into RoHS of punish of boreal Europe
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A few days ago, because plumbic content exceeds bid badly, the check RoHS that the gun of dynamoelectric gush glue of Europe of an exit north of Chinese begins in boreal Europe violates a condition be gone to law< in investigation, this investigation involves 152 electrons product, additionally 21 do not accord with case to also be involved plastic violate with the lead in solder compasses.

RoHS instruction carries out the European Union formally to already had two years, a lot of enterprises already implemented green strategy in succession, but also existing at the same time thin or enterprise consciousness is inactive treated condition, its are sure to punish sexual measure. Treat an enterprise to disobey RoHS manner circumstance to look according to boreal Europe, the smallest step asks the enterprise will not accord with the product evacuate market of the requirement, most the person that weigh will get legal punish, afore-mentioned Chinese enterprises are a typical case. Be worth what carry is, the product with prospective shorter lifecycle, if Mp3 player and equipment of small-sized family expenses will be paid close attention to greatly relatively, the enterprise needs bring to sb's attention.

Examine company of quarantine department proposal is adopted answer measure, must take seriously highly on the thought on one hand, treat what RoHS dictates to carry out seriously, strict according to entrance country (area) standard contract requirement organization is produced and perhaps examine, the adversity; that avoids to be punished on the other hand, promote a product manufacturing technology hard, intensify the development of pair of new material and development, special avoid to use in the manufacturing process of plastic products contain a material with poisonous and harmful more component, strengthen detect. The enterprise still can entrust relevant lab to begin poisonous and harmful material to examine to its product, not only benefit is reduced at the enterprise detect charge, more be helpful for a product infiltrating smoothly European Union market.