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Japan enlarges the limits of equipment of open to folk advanced test
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Province of science of Japanese language department modified equipment of large and advanced scientific research recently " research communication promotes a doctrine " , nearly 300 in waiting for countrywide university scientific research establishment (cover) , value is in the equipment of large and advanced scientific research of above of 300 million yen, be like laser of electron microscope of device of nuclear magnetic resonance, superhigh pressure, high strenth, include to trying the high strenth bevatron that move to wait, include open to folk detailed account. Additional, construction cost exceeds equipment of above of 100 billion yen, device of only open large and synchronous radiate " spring 8 " and in the super computer that build.

Open the scope of application of advanced test equipment to folk, aim to carry the new and high technology such as cell of semiconductor of generation of relative superiority or inferiority, new pharmaceuticals, new-style fuel to be in the competition ability of domain of international scientific research, the innovation of stimulative enterprise.

Research organization of Japanese university, government and even some folk enterprise, run equipment of some test of advanced scientific research and unit, very big effect was produced in considering to develop, the neutron with high strenth powerful bevatron bundle, can do detailed analysis to material, also can develop new drug of material of high temperature superconduction and analysis active ingredient. In the meantime, super computer also can be mixed in the analysis of atomic level, treatment major effect is produced in exceeding high speed imitate.

The experimental unit of above of 100 billion yen is current a demarcate is open use the large radiate device with bigger range " spring 8 " and in build exceed large computer, its reason is to be in advocate common while, itself of cloggy research organization studies and should not increase all the more hand and cost.

This second common to large test device of law edit basically suffer " spring 8 " try the influence that uses the effect. According to statistic, came 1997 2007 10 years during, folk uses this device to undertake scientific research activity about the enterprise each, make its utilization rate by 5% increase to 20% . Such substantially use increase rate, rangwenbuke learns to save the great demand that sees folk is potential, made the decision that enlarges equipment of open and great scientific research to share thereby.