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Our country spectrum, color atlas online detect the technology obtains level sex
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To enhance the ability of own research and development of industry of bearing of our country instrument, implementation high end is online those who analyse instrument appearance is homebred change, promote trade of appearance of our country instrument in the round, branch of petrifaction of Lanzhou of Inc. of Chinese oil natural gas combines the advantage unit such as Zhejiang university, northeast university, in 863 plans the support of priority discipline of domain of advanced production technology falls, the demand that waits for typical flow industry with petrifaction, iron and steel is breach, began be based on spectral, color atlas to wait advanced detect the development of online analysis device of the technology and development, the combination that passes task series tackles key problem, already obtained level sex positive result now.

In petrifaction industry domain, built the model of quantitative spectrochemical analysis of benzine aromatic hydrocarbon and alkene content, developed the NIR spectrum that has own intellectual property online sampling probe, finished be based on a long wave the development development that the oily character of much passageway multi-parameter of close infra-red spectrum measures online analyzer, the product quality index in be oil refining process was offerred accurate, fast online detect method, the chromatographic column tubal form that prototype is having experimenting; developed test and verify to have own intellectual property in industrial production site room construction, realized vaporizer and design of innovation of chromatographic column unifinication. Completed the prototype development of analyzer of distill of imitate of online color atlas, operate to satisfy cut of Cheng of heat up in a steamer of contemporary refine factory, actor to change technology, raise a product to accept the need of rate, offer Cheng of advanced and accurate online heat up in a steamer to detect method.

In steely industry domain, theory of cavity of will online boldface and soft measure technical application at molten steel temperature, developed practical change, of high accuracy measure lukewarm sensor, finished molten steel temperature the principle prototype of successive measuring instrument, can overcome active discontinuous style occasionally the limitation that the head measures lukewarm method, realized high accuracy of molten steel temperature, low cost to be measured continuously.

Current, high end is online the home market of analyzer all the time by forestall of foreign company place, home is restricted about research by a variety of elements, progress is slow. Group of this project task is based on technology of spectral, color atlas to undertake high accuracy the development of online analyzer, it is implementation high end online analyzer is homebred when change beneficial exploration, research achievement will drive domain of our country industry the further progress of appearance of online analysis instrument.
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