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Alliance of industry of Zhengzhou instrument bearing holds water
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16 days, alliance of industry of Zhengzhou instrument bearing holds water in new and high area, nearly 40 companies that join alliance, college and place of scientific research courtyard will cooperate with research and development, make, develop the market outside region jointly.
In recent years, instrument bearing industry is in Zhengzhou especially development of new and high area is very rapid, industrial characteristic is clear, gather degree very tall also. For effective conformity and harmonious industry resource and social natural resources, promote instrument bearing industry fast health develops, below the proposal of much home company and unit, emerge as the times require of instrument appearance alliance. Member not only have software and enterprise of manufacturing company, form a complete set, sale company, still include place of scientific research courtyard, universities and colleges, financing and advisory intermediary orgnaization, still have governmental management department.

Allied concerned personage tells a reporter, the butt joint that alliance will devote oneself to to drive place of courtyard of the enterprise inside the industry and college, scientific research to undertake yield learning to grind, build communal technology to serve platform, division of labor reachs harmonious phase between the development of the introducing that involves a trade and product, production and member product form a complete set, form complete industrial chain. Alliance still will produce industrial self-discipline function and industry channel advantage, stimulative industry resources is used effectively and industrial health develops continuously. In the near future, alliance will become the guide that industry of Zhengzhou instrument bearing grows and accelerator.