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Research and development of Changchun of appearance of integration analysis of g
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A few days ago, a kind have own intellectual property, sensitivity the capillary electrophoresis electrochemistry with tall, strong stability gives off light integration analysis appearance, by institute of chemistry of application of Changchun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences own research and development succeeds, passed the expert appraisal that committee of national science foundation organizes.
Changchun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences applies chemical institute and Xi'an luck to stride company of electronic science and technology to cooperate, in existing capillary electrophoresis electrochemistry glow detects technical research foundation and accumulate on, wait for electrochemistry glow, electrochemistry detect technology and capillary electrophoresis (CE) , small stream accuse medium of analyse of chip divide into equal parts organic union, each methods reach integration analysis detect technical characteristic, the advantage is complementary, farther on this foundation miniaturization, compositive change, design of the detector in solving an instrument to develop, parts of an apparatus is assembled, realize multi-parameter couplet to use wait for crucial technology, through nearly 3 years tackle key problem, development went to have the appearance of integration analysis of glow of capillary electrophoresis electrochemistry of own intellectual property. This instrument uses brand-new design, establish use analytic instrument for multi-parameter couplet, still sell domestic and internationally without instrument of this kind of commodity at present. Of the instrument muti_function detect platform detects 3 groovy kinds combination is together and miniaturization, the couplet that realized each analysis function is used reach synchronous analysis, obtained series innovation positive result.