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Tsinghua holds spectroscopy grand meeting to commemorate Chinese spectrum develo
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"Conference of learning of spectroscopy of element of the 15th whole nation " opening ceremony and conference of Chinese element spectrum 30 years of celebration

On October 18, 2008 8:30 a.m. , it is in the center of Tsinghua university advocate hall of report of building first floor, "Conference of learning of spectroscopy of element of the 15th whole nation " open prelusive. The honored guest that attends an opening ceremony has: Cen Zhangzhi teachs Tsinghua vice-chancellor, tang Wei of vice secretary of Beijing Normal University is taught, beijing manage is versed in vice-chancellor Zhao grows salary professor, tanaka of director of key laboratory of state of surface of Xiamen university solid group academician, tsinghua university Chemstry Department fastens academician of director Zhang Xi, chinese light learns Meng Anzheng of chairman of spectral and professional committee to teach. Whole opening ceremony is chaired by vice secretary of Beijing Normal University Professor Tang Wei. Attend an opening ceremony have nearly 300 spectrum expert, scholar.

Opening ceremony rostrum, parting from Zun Ziyou is: Zhang Xi academician, tanaka group optics of vice-chancellor of industry of grain of vice-chancellor of vice secretary of Normal University of academician, Beijing Professor Tang Wei, Tsinghua Professor Cen Zhangzhi, Beijing Professor Zhao Changlu, China meets chairman of spectral and professional committee Professor Meng Anzheng

Above all, compere introduces present everybody honored guest, and to conference specially invite, a batch of when made important contribution for progress of our country spectral career old experts, and foreign distinguished scholar Professor Noda and Professor Ozaki conveyed warm reception and acknowledgment. Subsequently, the read out of Xu Antong's researcher of academy of Chinese oil science the congratulatory letter of Liu Wanzhen academician, read out of Feibenhua of director of institute of machinery of forestry of Beijing of national forestry bureau's researcher vice director of council of environment of natural resources of population of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the congratulatory letter that Jiang Zehui of former dean of courtyard of Chinese forest division teachs. The Xu Guangxian academician of Beijing University also sent speech of congratulation to congress.

Xuan connects He Ci of academician of Liu Wanzhen of researcher read out

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