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Microwave of the 7th whole nation is chemical 2008 the conference and conference
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Everybody joins conference representing:
To make this second congress consummation, concern the conference now specific item informs as follows:
The preparation of 1. speech slide:
The speaker that asks report of congress specially invite and oral report prepares a speech to use slide electron documentation, the assembly room supplies multimedia equipment.
Report time: Congress specially invite reports: Make a speech and discuss about 30 minutes;
Congress report: Make a speech and discuss about 20 minutes;
Oral report: Make a speech and discuss about 10 minutes;
2. has been saved please and adorn acting illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body. Acting illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body is the proof that attends the conference to represent a qualification, the delegate must express card discrepancy assembly room and material of the conference that get by era. Have dinner, attend a banquet to wait, must not lose.
3. organizing committee will undertake lodging arranging according to receipt circumstance of the representing. Join charge of conference representing room to provide for oneself.
It is good that 4. asks everybody to keep on behalf of appropriate oneself finance affairs and valuable.
5. address book: The information that when congress will be registered according to representing, provides makes address book, ask each delegate attending the meeting to undertake information checks in time reach involuntary discharge of urine to fill. Address book will extend represent a hand during congress in.
6. return ticket: Ticket Wu is not set to act as agent during congress, the delegate that needs bill of the return that order please acts as agent with hotel bill Wu directly connection. If have,difficulty can be contacted with secretariat.
7. have dinner: The specific arrangement of conference have dinner requests an audience appendix 1.
8. conference regular bus: Join meeting and repast regular bus to arrange appendix requesting an audience 2.
9. concerns service phone:
Conference contact: Liu Zunhua 15922926287
Division center big public house is downstage: 02365128888