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Conference of chemistry of microwave of the 7th whole nation (the 2nd round of a
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Each expert of respect, scholar, professors:

By chemistry of microwave of branch of microwave of Chinese Electronic Society professional committee is sponsorred, Chongqing university and institute of Chongqing science and technology undertake, key laboratory of Ministry of Education of environment of zoology of area of 3 gorge library assist do " conference of chemistry of microwave of the 7th whole nation " be in Chongqing college university to hold to 20 days on October 17, 2008. Cordial welcome is engaged in conference organization council domestic and internationally microwave chemistry and the expert that relevant technology studies, scholar and relevant enterprise or business the unit attends eagerly, communicate academic gain each other, chemistry of microwave of stimulative our country reachs technical development. Inform the meeting as follows about matters concerned now:

One, meeting theme:

Deepen research of microwave chemistry innovation, push movables to learn to grind cooperate and of the energy-saving strategy that decrease a platoon carry out

2, conference learning committee (full name alphabetically sort)

Advisory committee: (press order of full name Chinese Phonetic Alphabet) Chen Hongyuan Feng Shouhua Yu Fen of Hu Yongkang Zhao Zhang Yukui

Academic committee:
Jin Qinhan
Vice-chairman: Huang Ka Ma, hu Wenxiang
Committee member: (by order of full name Chinese Phonetic Alphabet) Chen Xing Hong Pinjie of library of Guo Zhen of Shake of Fang Zhi Feng Ji Tianren of Huang Qibin of Hu Wenxiang Huang Ka Ma
Secretary-general: Zhou Jianguang

3, the conference organizes committee

Director: Xia Zhining
Vice director: Tao Changyuan, gu Yun
Committee member: Bai Chenguang, li Xueming, zhang Shengtao, hu Xuebin, li Baizhan, he Jiang, huang Wenzhang, xiong Wei, liu Renlong
Secretary: Liu Zunhua, ginger and

4, academic congress arrangement

On October 17: Round-the-clock report for duty.
Late on October 17: Academic committee meeting.
On October 18: Congress opening ceremony and specially invite learning report, learning of congress special subject reports.
On October 19: Learning of congress special subject reports.
Late on October 19: Meeting of committee of microwave chemistry major.
On October 20: Look around inspect and other places of campus of brook of tiger of institute of science and technology of Chongqing university, Chongqing, the delegate leaves change.

5, call for paper limits

1. microwave chemistry reachs application to study progress theoretically;
2. microwave technology is in the basic research in the domain such as science of process of science of medicine of chemistry of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, high polymer, analysis chemistry, catalysis, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, biology, food, chemical industry, petro-chemical, environmental protection, material and project, mineral treatment and applied research;
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