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Base oneself upon western innovation is consecratory -- Lanzhou changes content
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Fall October, dry,crisp air of autumn. Had gone 50 years to struggle physical institute greeted the chemistry of Lanzhou of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of course 50 China absurd. Lu Yongxiang of secretary of dean of vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, leading Party group changes content place epigraph for Lanzhou: "Innovation science and technology, innovation manages, base oneself upon western, creation is top-ranking. " Bai Chunli of vice secretary of standing assistant dean, leading Party group is the the Chinese Academy of Sciences Lanzhou changes content place epigraph: "Face western resource is optimized use, construction makes chemistry and new material base of research of innovation of new and high technology " .

On October 12, lanzhou changes content place to build a congress of 50 years of celebration to be in auditorium of village of Ning Wo of the Gansu Province to be held ceremoniously. Domestic and international honored guest, lanzhou changes content place expert of all previous leader, part and from emeritus old pal, represent in place worker and graduate student in all 500 much people attended celebration plenary meeting.

In the morning 9 when half, celebration congress is in majestic " national anthem " the grand opening in sound. Lanzhou changes secretary of content institute Party committee to held assistant director Zhao Xiuru concurrently to chair plenary meeting. Lanzhou changed Liu Weimin of content institute director's researcher to make " base oneself upon western, innovation is consecratory " report. Wang Xueding of secretary of leading Party group of branch department of Hao Yuan of vice-governor of Yan Dongsheng academician, the Gansu Province, Lanzhou, Dalian changes content place strong point Zhang Tao makes a speech early or late.

Liu Weimin changes worker of content place collectivity and graduate student on behalf of Lanzhou above all, honored guest of the leaders of all levels that will enter celebration activity ahead, all circles expresses warm reception and cordial acknowledgment! He says, since establishing institute, lanzhou changes content place to be security of national economy construction, state, what be our country especially is petro-chemical and " two play one bit " reached development of hi-tech of strategy of spaceflight boat cool one's heels to make significant contribution, be in catalysis, lubricant the contribution that analysed the respect such as science and technology to make a series of creativity with tribology theory and depart. Since entering project of innovation of knowledge of Chinese Academy of Sciences especially, the innovation that uses the resources environment chemistry that give priority to, hi-tech to use new material and chemical biology field through studying source of as a way of is optimized studies, for national economy security of construction, state and technology development offerred new scientific theory and technology; For western great infrastructure construction, western zoology environment processing made it is important to have show spent contribution.
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