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Conference of chemistry of microwave of the 7th whole nation and conference of p
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Microwave of the 7th whole nation changes a society to discuss
And conference of pre-treatment of sample of the 2nd whole nation
And committee of major of pre-treatment of sample of society of Chinese analysis instrument establishs plenary session
(The 3rd round of announcement)

Each expert of respect:
Committee of major of pre-treatment of sample of society of instrument of conference of chemistry of microwave of the 7th whole nation and conference of pre-treatment of sample of the 2nd whole nation and Chinese analysis establishs congress general in October 2008 17-20 day is in Chongqing university division center big public house is held. This second conference undertakes by Chongqing university and institute of Chongqing science and technology, key laboratory of Ministry of Education of environment of zoology of area of 3 gorge library assist do, famous expert of the microwave chemistry expert that the conference will invite Japan and Italy and home makes congress report, conference organization council is cordial invite the expert that pursues microwave chemistry and relevant domain research, scholar to reach relevant enterprise or business the unit attends eagerly.
The main topic for discussion of the conference has:
(1) microwave technology is in the basic research in the domain such as science of process of science of medicine of chemistry of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analysis, catalysis, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, biology, food, chemical industry, petro-chemical, environmental protection, material and project, mineral treatment and applied research;
(2) microwave plasma is chemical;
(3) sample pre-treatment technology;
(4) development of equipment of microwave chemistry reaction, development and application;
(5) microwave chemistry project and equipment and application;
(6) microwave chemistry and technology and energy-saving decrease a platoon;
(7) the problem studies related microwave chemistry.
Session, join conference representing board and lodging to provide for oneself, the conference registers cost 900 yuan of RMBs (do not contain a paper to publish layout cost and careful author's remuneration) , the student registers cost by effective certificate 500 yuan of RMBs. (register before September 15, 2008, represent 800 yuan of RMBs formally, the student represents 400 yuan of RMBs) . Conference communication form has congress specially invite to report (30 minutes) , congress reports (20 minutes) with oral report (10 minutes) . After receiving this announcement about the unit each please, arrangement attends the meeting about the expert, had made relevant preparation. The expert that attends the meeting please will be joined in time can register watch hair to attend a meeting Wu group, so that arrange accommodation,wait. Be about to attend conference personnel to ask without the manuscript contact with Liu Zunhua before September 30, enter meeting receipt through Liuzuohua@cqu.edu.cn hair.
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