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Research and development of instrument of homebred mass spectra and industrializ
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On September 26, 2008 Zhejiang Jia Xingju does forum of the lake austral instrument of development of instrument of the 6th analysis and innovation forum and science of the first China, the corresponding period held research and development of instrument of homebred mass spectra and industrialization seminar smoothly.

This forum invited home to acquire the unit of certain positive result in the research and development of mass spectra instrument and industrialization respect, the research and development of mass spectrograph, make reach applied expert ginseng to meet, expert attending the meeting introduced research and development of respective mass spectra to produce the progress of the project, discuss the current situation of industry of Chinese mass spectra, good luck and challenge jointly, drive the industrialization of homebred mass spectra and application hand in hand, in all the development strategy of industry of business China mass spectra, build in order to promote what various and companionate relation reachs cooperative mechanism.

The seminar of this second forum and seminar have research center of instrument of Zhejiang university science respectively instrument of analysis of society of appearance of instrument of Professor Jinqinhan, China learns Yan Chengde's director to chair.