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Conference of the 2nd close infra-red and spectral learning of countrywide four-
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The newest headway that to show our country with all one's strength place of close infra-red and spectral field gains reachs positive result, the communication between promotional and broad close infra-red and spectral Scientists and Technologists and worker of extensive close infra-red analysis and collaboration, farther stimulative our country is close the development of infra-red and spectral career, chinese analysis test learns close infra-red and spectral branch to draft in November 2008 19~22 day sponsors the whole nation in Changsha conference of the 2nd close infra-red and spectral learning. Academician of Yu Ruqin of expert of chemistry of our country famous analysis, Liu Wanzhen academician holds the position of congress chairman, famous spectroscopist Chen Xing dawns academician also will attend the meeting, ozaki of secretary-general of close infra-red and spectral society teachs international, obtain international cereal to learn for many times, canada of famous close infra-red expert Professor Phil Williams of large award of close infra-red and spectral society waits for international to will make special subject invite a report in congress.

This second congress will provide the communication platform of a Gao Shuiping for close infra-red and spectral worker, show our country the top-ranking research of close infra-red spectrum and applied achievement. The conference basically reports with congress the form with wall newspaper is held, will more than 40 expert and scholar make congress report. Current session is a few more domestic and international famous instrument manufacturer and professional supplier also will show its product. We are true-blue invite and welcome you to take student or assistant to attend this learning grand meeting, the person that did not submit a paper also welcomes to join meeting.

Inform concerned item as follows now:

(1) meeting site: Big public house of Hunan lotus Hua Tian (address: The Changsha City 51 highways 176; Phone: 0731-4401888-80167)

(2) the conference registers cost: 800 yuan / person, reading a student 600 yuan / person (by effective student certificate, do not contain postdoctoral) , instrument manufacturer represents 1500 yuan / person, accommodation cost provides for oneself. (the delegate that fee did not pay through the bank before November 10, 2008 registers cost: 900 yuan / person, reading a student 700 yuan / person, instrument manufacturer represents 1600 yuan / person)

Account name: In south university

Open an account bank: The the Changsha City is industrial and commercial subbranch of a bank of ridge of bank left home

Account: 1901013009014495510

Be sure to make clear in remarks column " Liang Yi ever NIR2008 " reach contact full name

(3) report for duty place: Big public house of Hunan lotus Hua Tian is big

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