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Experience " extreme environment " , visit microbial resource early days to deve
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Time: On August 29, 2008

Place: Microbial resource early days develops national key laboratory

Guide: Dong Xiuzhu's researcher

Mouth of saline, alkaline lake, hot spring, marine excessive... a few extremes that get used to the special environment such as tall salt, high fever are had mostly in the environment of these extremes microbial. These extreme environments are microbial the miracle that is life, they are containing the substantial information of life evolution course, representing life to get used to ability to environmental limit, limitted biosphere " attrib border " , it is the precious deposits with biology heredity and functional most rich diversity.

Lab director Dong Xiuzhu's researcher tells a reporter, extremely microbial research is content of a of key laboratory of state of development of microbial resource early days important research. Because, the basic biology characteristic that studies extreme environment is microbial and get used to mechanism, to announcing the mystery of biology origin is mixed the rule of development, clarify the mechanism that biology diversity forms and motivation, interaction that understands life and environment, change with geochemistry especially the relation between has very important sense, also will promote extreme environment greatly at the same time microbial resource is used mediumly in biology technology industry. And factitious in the lab creation " extreme environment " the essential requirement that also makes a few tests.

Walk into east one on teacher office closes lab, the reporter saw a special experimental unit, there are a lot of canaliculuses that take syringe needle on the frame of testing stand. "The workstation of oxygen of be disgusted with that this is us " , research group of the teacher basically is engaged in oxygen of extreme be disgusted with producing the research of methane ancient bacterium east, many measure need not to have the environment of oxygen completely. The small bottle that holds education radical uses glue stuff seal, vavuum pump vacuumize is used in workstation of oxygen of be disgusted with, fill nitrogen, general need relapses 56 times, there is oxygen inside. Toward education Jilijia's other thing also is to use injector to go to in dozen.

"This sells without commodity in the market, this is designed according to our him need, seek special factory treatment next, home has 10 to come to the home be done according to our blueprint now, before two days of labs that just have a Shanghai did to take away. " east the teacher says.

"Some measure need to open the containers esp. for use in the house that holds education radical, in entering containers esp. for use in the house to prevent air, can operate inside box of oxygen of be disgusted with only, " resemble collecting a cell, measure albumen such job needs to be finished in box of oxygen of be disgusted with. "There still is a particularly small centrifugal inside, " the another horn that pointing to a lab, the teacher says east, "There still is gas phase color atlas there, at present equipment of this one a complete set of does experiment of oxygen of be disgusted with to should be in home the most complete. Even the researcher that come back sees a few abroad this our equipment also feels very pretty good. Even the researcher that come back sees a few abroad this our equipment also feels very pretty good..
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