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The market integration analysis of Chinese home infra-red spectrometer
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1, general-purpose infra-red spectrometer

At present home market basically alternates with Fu Lixie infra-red spectrometer (FT -IR) give priority to, chromatic dispersion infra-red spectrometer is very scarce already on home market. It is with Niolet Instrument company of the United States in the IR of FT – of the entrance on home market most. Be Perkin-Elmer company next, the product of these two companies can occupy 70% above in home. Still have a few BIO-RAD companies that are the United States and Mattson company (the product of these two companies is occupied about in home 15% ) , of the insular ferry firm of the Beckman company that still has the Bruker company that a few products are Sweden, United States, Analect company and Japan.

IR of homebred FT – basically is north of a few kinds of when the technology of American Analect company that divides Rayleigh to analyse instrument company to introduce produces different type, the product of different class, but the quantity is very few. Home still produces a few medium, cheap chromatic dispersion red infrared spectrophotometer at present, satisfy the need of a few units. General-purpose red infrared spectrophotometer is in scientific research unit and institution of higher learing, basically use at the research of corporeal composition and analysis; The monitoring that is used at product quality basically is in the enterprise.

2, special and infra-red spectrometer

A few special and infra-red spectrometer of close infra-red spectrum have bigger potential market in home, advocate if be in,quality of product of agricultural middle peasant is analysed and petro-chemical in there is very big market in control of the quality in process of petroleum products production and product quality analysis. But because close infra-red analysis needs to introduce model of a few maths according to analysing an object, analytic object is different, its maths model also differs somewhat. Accordingly, the analytic software that close infra-red and special spectrometer of abroad brings (the mathematical model that is the analytic object according to abroad designs) , do not agree with certainly analytic object of home, cause a few close infra-red and special spectral apparatuses that introduce in recent years to did not produce much big effect in home, together with abroad is close price of infra-red and special spectral apparatus on the high side, the close infra-red and special spectral apparatus that home imports is not much.

The development of close infra-red and special spectral apparatus, development and application already got in home at present the attention of a lot of experts, already developed development to give a batch of instruments that get used to home to analyse an object and application software. Be like, a batch of of Chinese oil academy of sciences young learned men are in of Liu Wanzhen academician guide below, the close infra-red and special spectral apparatus that development and development went to have our country own intellectual property and a few software that its are in our country oil is scientific medium applying; With Beijing agriculture college Professor Yan Yanlu leads " Chinese agriculture is close system of network of infra-red analysis technology " the task just passes appraisal, develop and developed those who have own intellectual property, the software of the analysis that applies to Chinese agriculture to taste character; Professor Xiang Bingren analysed computational center to build Internet in university of Chinese drug family close infra-red spectrum analyses the fictitious center that build a model, undertake close infra-red spectrum is analysed build model and mathematical model to safeguard wait for the job, built a few Chinese herbal medicine the mathematical model of close infra-red analysis.
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