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Fair of achievement of new and high technology is in the 10th China Internationa
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By a definite date Fair of achievement of new and high technology was in the 10th China International of 7 days a few days ago Shenzhen kicks off.

Wen Jiabao of premier of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council is current hand in high can make important written instructions: "Had done to be handed in high meeting, advance industrialization of new and high technology, structure of entire to own innovation, attune economy, change develops means to have important sense. Wish the 10th to be handed in high sincerely meeting consummation! " Sang Guowei of vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress announces Fair kicks off.

Current hand in high meeting with " science and technology improves the people's livelihood, innovation to change the world " for the theme, set IT and product to exhibit in all, the electron is exhibited, photoelectricity flat shows exhibit, achievement of new and high technology extends the state, achievement of abroad and new and high technology is exhibited, achievement of new and high technology of domestic province city is exhibited wait for 9 to exhibit a house, always show an area 100 thousand much square metre.

In " achievement of new and high technology extends the state " in, department of Commerce will with " innovate in open " for the theme, reveal 38 countries science and technology to encourage the construction positive result of trade innovation base centrally first; Ministry of science and technology shows gain of bear the palm of award of national science and technology in the round; National development and reform committee with " national hi-tech industrialization is accomplished 10 years " to extend area theme, the hi-tech industrialization gain that shows the side such as base of spaceflight of information, biology, new material, civil aviation, property mainly; The Ministry of Agriculture highlights the gain that shows science and technology to promote agricultural development, science and technology to make the farmer becomes rich.

Projects of large quantities of one relation the people's livelihood also appear concentration, plain of short of Wenshui River is aseismatic provide disaster relief, science and technology of medicine of the in order to of carry of science and technology in rebuilding after calamity and new energy resources, energy-saving environmental protection, marine economy, biology, spaceflight develops concentration science and technology improving the people's livelihood and implementation to be able to last developing is active action. Abstruse meeting, manned spaceflight and the new and high equipment in circling month of exploration project and technology also are paying Beijing Olympic Games and damage high can open mysterious veil.

To cooperate to do poineering work currently model the company grows trend and future to do poineering work flourishingly board roll out, current hand in what can roll out first high " poineering home forum " and " do poineering work with appear on the market zone " , the key reveals 10 years to accompany hand in high can grow together, development, one batch when expand appears on the market company and plan to appear on the market the achievement of newest science and technology of the enterprise, reveal hand in high can promoting do poineering work model business development, drive high-tech enterprise to appear on the market the main effect that waits for respect play.
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