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Color atlas law applies mediumly in organic chemistry
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Color atlas law basically includes the following fields in the application in organic chemistry:
1, detached mixture similar, manage changes a few structures the mixture that the compound with similar also property comprises, it is very difficult to apply chemical method to depart commonly, but law of applied color atlas is separate, sometimes the result of attainable satisfaction.
2, the impurity with a few similar structures is contained in organic compound of purificatory extract compound, not easy eliminate, can use color atlas law to depart with eliminate impurity, get pure article.
3, the circumstance that appraisal compound agrees completely in the condition, pure broken compound presents certain mobile distance in layer color atlas or paper color atlas, say to be worth than moving (Rf is worth) , magic art of benefit coloring music is so OK whether are the purity of appraisal compound or the compound that decide likeness of two kinds of property same material. But the element that the influence is worth than moving is very much, be like the ply of layer, the size of sorbent grain, acid is alkalescent, active grade, external temperature and develop an agent purity, composition, volatile etc. So, want those who return to obtain than moving the value compares difficulty. For this, determining when some sample, had better undertake contrasting with foregone sample.
4, observe whether a few chemical reaction are finished, what can use layer color atlas or paper color atlas to observe raw material is bit more lubricious is progressively disappear, finish in order to prove reaction.

Adsorptive color atlas basically is wait with alumina, silica gel for sorbent, go to a few material from the adsorption in solution its apparently, use solvent wash out after that or spread out, use different compound to get the different sorption of sorbent, with their different in solvent solubility, use different compound to differ with what the circumstance distributings between solution and get depart on sorbent namely. Depart of adsorptive color atlas can use column color atlas and layer color atlas two kinds of means.

Column color atlas has adsorptive color atlas and music of cent match colors commonly usedly two kinds. Commonly used alumina and silica gel are adsorptive color atlas sorbent. Allocate color atlas to be supportive agent with silica gel, diatomite and cellulose, serve as stationary phase in order to absorb manier liquid. Adsorptive column color atlas fills the sorbent of porous or farinaceous solid that accumulates activation of very old course into the surface in vitreous canal normally. When the mixture solution that should need depart has shed adsorptive column, all sorts of composition are in by adsorption at the same time of column on upright. When wash out agent flows, because different compound is adsorptive ability is different, downward the speed of wash out is different also, formed disparate arrangement of ideas then, namely the affinity size that solute presses pair of sorbent in the from above to below in column forms a certain number of ribbon respectively, when reoccupy dissolvent wash out, already apart solute can be washed respectively from column piece collect; Or column blot, crowded after going out, break up by ribbon, reoccupy dissolvent comes out the solute extraction in each ribbon
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