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The content of element of the root of kudzu vine in health capsule measures arte
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After be being checked for trying the preparation that tastes solution to take the difference that hold an amount taste content content originally, mix even, take make an appointment with 0.15g, nicety says to decide, buy provides taper of a place of strategic importance in bottle, nicety joins 50% alcohol 50ml, say to decide weight, fill in closely, supersonic processing (250W, 50KHz) 30 minutes, put cold, say to decide weight again, with 50% alcohol complemental reduce the weight that lose, shake up, with film of small hole filter (0.45 μ M) filtration, take add filtrate, get namely.
Mensuration parts nicety is absorbed contrast article solution and taste solution for trying L of each 10 μ , appearance of color atlas of infuse fluid photograph, determine, get namely.
Every tasting that contain the root of kudzu vine with element of the root of kudzu vine (C 21 H 20 O 9) plan, must not little at 7.5mg.
[function and advocate treat] see " 2005 edition pharmacopoeia " plan to close function of around of medical breed standard is become in carrying advocate study comparative list.
[usage and dosage] profess to convinced, 3, a day 3.
[norms] every outfit 0.5g
[store up] sealed.

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