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Analysis of appearance of gas phase color atlas detects use method is discussed
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Analysis of gas phase color atlas detects in the process, appearance of gas phase color atlas has higher demand to uses aeriform purity, to achieve working requirement namely, can prolong instrument life again, the purity that uses gas should be achieved or oneself of instrument of summary prep above is opposite the requirement of aeriform purity; Otherwise, if use the low purity gas that does not accord with a requirement, can cause a series of undesirable effects; Usually, aeriform purity chooses to should master the following principle, namely microanalysis is taller than constant analysis requirement, capillary column analysis is taller than requirement of packed column analysis, the program warms up demand of analysis of analytic comparing constant temperature is high, chroma detector is taller than quality detector requirement, the FID that deserves to have methane unit is taller than odd FID requirement, high-grade instrument asks than cheap instrument in tall.

The gas route system of appearance of gas phase color atlas, it is a carrier gas moves continuously, the system with airtight pipeline. Enrage the air-tightness of route system, carry the stability of air velocity of flow, and the accuracy that discharge measures is influential to result of color atlas test, need notices to control.

The commonly used carrier gas in gas phase color atlas has: Gas of hydric, nitrogen, helium, argon gas and air.

These gas can supply by pneumatics machine except air outside, furnish by high-pressured steel bottle commonly. Want a course to purify normally, stabilized voltage and control, measure flow.

How does appearance of gas phase color atlas choose the gas source of different gas purity to make carrier gas and auxiliary gas, although be an old technical issue, but to just contacting the user of appearance of gas phase color atlas, find the integrated material that concerns this respect very hard at present, so they always enquire everywhere select this kind of issue with what kind of gas best purity after all.

1, the requirement of aeriform purity

According to each user specific a kind which when use (tall, medium, cheap) instrument, choose the gas of what kind of purity, it is a more complex issue really. In principle is told, when choosing aeriform purity, basically depend on: ① analyses an object; The filler in ② chromatographic column; ③ detector. We suggest the premise that asks in contented analysis falls, choose the gas with more expensive purity as far as possible. Such not only can rise (maintain) the tall sensitivity of the instrument, and can lengthen appearance of chromatographic column, color atlas (filter of the control unit that enrage a road, gas) life. Carry out a proof, in regarding as high-grade instrument, the gas that uses inferior purity for a long time enrages a source, when the sample that once ask to analyse low density, high accuracy,asks, the tall sensitivity that wants to restore an instrument is very difficult. And to cheap instrument, make constant or half microanalysis, choose the gas of tall purity, can raise moving cost, still increased the complexity of gas district sometimes, because this chooses aeriform purity,oneself of instrument of summary prep above is opposite the requirement of aeriform purity can, can achieve working requirement already so, can prolong the life of the instrument again, unapt still the moving cost that raises an instrument.
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