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Fungus toxin detects -- sample purifies pre-treatment introduction
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In recent years, fungus toxin is a global heat problem to the pollution of commissariat feed, not only with yellow aspergillus toxin (Aflatoxin) , a of toxin of reddish brown aspergillus (Ochratoxin A) , toxin of bacterium of Chan Duan Bao (Trichothecenes) , ketone of Xi of corn bare mildew (Zearalenone) , smoke aspergillus toxin (Fumonisin) with element of bacterium of hook of a string of beads (Moniliformin) happen more, and fungus toxin is phyletic various, structure is complex and diverse, this causes actual production in, the ration of fungus toxin detects become one of serious difficult problem that puzzle us, detect at present the method includes law of law of layer color atlas, enzymatic couplet immunity, immunity to purify law of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph with column in person. But law of layer color atlas operates trival, pollution big, mensurable difference, time-consuming long; And although law of enzymatic couplet immunity operates simple, sensitivity tall, but particularity is poor, false positive is tall; Immunity kisses and column is efficient cost of law of fluid photograph color atlas is too high, bigger to the sample error of content of toxin of tall yellow aspergillus. Urgent need a kind of disposal of samples is handy fast and easy travel, accurate, sensitivity is tall, detect be restricted low, detect cost detects cheaply method and technology.

Detect in the light of these difficulty and problem, devote oneself to fungus toxin for a long time to detect the American Trilogy that the AOAC that the technology studies identifies one of card labs analyses a lab to be mixed for many times through indefatigable effort experiment test and verify, successful research and development gave PuriToxSR series toxin of of all kinds fungus is muti_function purify column and special purify column, wait for polarity, blame polarity and ion exchange many kinds base the group arrives as filler fill in cylinder, the fat in fluid of appearance of adsorption of optional choose sex kind, albumen kind wait for foreign matter, after the series of rarefied action; PuriToxSR that has special specific aim to toxin sample thereby purifies column to adopt principle of this kind of unique design to spend column namely, wait for interference matter foreign matter hold back in the filler inside column, the toxin in appearance fluid not direct by adsorption through. Its are remarkable the characteristic is, one pace is achievable of toxin sample purify (operation measure sees figure below) , 30 seconds left and right sides is finished namely whole purify a process, purify effect ideal, the experiment proves, purify column to kiss to reclaim with column than immunity to series of cereal sample PuriToxSR rate is even high, its are right of all fungus toxin reclaim rate all be in 85 - 95 % ; is an operation measure is more simple, before purifying, also do not need to undertake the operation such as activation, drip washing and wash out needs to go up directly only appearance, reduce organic dissolvent effectively use and its operate wasteful; to be different from immunity to be mixed in person apparently column and column of solid photograph extraction (SPE) , hind both purify sample to need 3 steps at least 1) wait for sample mediumly the adsorption that measure content to arrive on column; 2) the impurity that cleans column to go up; 3) go up with post of organic dissolvent wash out wait for measure content.
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