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Technologies of next generation HPLC column are looked into
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Depicted material of sorbent of a kind of HPLC, it can be offerred than normally taller sample flux and eliminate press all sorts of concerned issues instead with high post. Sorbent is silica gel of strong record whole. This material is the composition of silica gel framework that diameter of the Konghe in be 13nm about by the diameter is large hole of 2 μ M about. Compare with the function photograph of column of grain silica gel, column of integral silica gel can move with higher velocity of flow, because it has bigger osmotic. Will a certain number of link of post of integral silica gel rises, can make column bed arrives 100, 00 tray above.

The chromatographic column of concentrated juice photograph of the 3 μ M that uses backfill convention or silica gel of fine granuality of 5 μ M often is brought about taller press instead. Turn over the harm with press pair of chromatographic column and HPLC system to all can be caused certain exorbitantly, accordingly, the length of traditional HPLC column has certain limit, academic tray number also has limit. Although people tries to pass the size that reduces silica gel tiny ball to be counted in order to increase the academic tray of chromatographic column, but bring about however hard susceptive is pressed instead, of pair of to obtain satisfactory depart separate requirements adjust also love to restrict.

Color atlas worker tries to use limited labor power and capital depart all the time more sample, highlight especially in industrial group. A lot of scientific worker also expect to raise the rate of whole and separate course all the time, although system of lab automation HPLC had realized 24h,separate operation carries 廁 sample flux, but the system still suffers detached technology itself namely the limitation of chromatographic column.

1. Sorbent of integral bed HPLC

A kind raise analytic sample flux effectively and chromatographic column presses extremely low new-style sorbent stuff to had been developed instead, material of this kind of sorbent is {1} of column of silica gel of a kind of whole.

The article that publishs in the theory of HPLC column 2 month discusses, basically be to be based on the {2} such as Nakanishi to use sol - the relevant job of the chromatographic column of silica gel whole of gel technology preparation. What framework of silica gel of column of this kind of whole includes 13nm is medium aperture and the large hole that make an appointment with 2 μ M. The large hole of 2 μ M regards be linked together as perforation, can make analyse content to arrive at active surface to finish color atlas to depart below low pressure. The area comparing a list of part of the aperture in material makes an appointment with 300m2/g, the total Kong Du of the bed exceeds chromatographic column of silica gel whole 80% . With traditional fill chromatographic column (total Kong Du about 65%) photograph is compared, the user can be in lower press next departing analytic undertaking instead. Medium scale and ply of silica gel framework are spent in total aperture through optimizing perforative aperture, make undertake departing turning into below quite high velocity of flow reality. Because this kinds of matrix accelerated the process of adsorption and desorption,this is.
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