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Law of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph in Chinese traditional medic
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Law of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph is to use the pump of photograph of going from place to place that high-pressured transfer pump will set to enter the color atlas method that has departing determining to sample of the chromatographic column of filler. Volatile to separate analysis low, compound of high polymer of generous of thermal stability poor element and ion compound is very advantageous. Hematic drug titer law is medicine of modern Chinese traditional medicine era is kinetic commonly used research technique [1] , the single ingredient Chinese herbal medicine that includes to be made clear to index composition among them and Chinese traditional medicine the research of medicine made of two or more ingredients. Join medicaments through giving formulary form certainly after airframe, can pass the medicaments that monitor and a few inside composition of source sex index undertakes an analysis to medicaments in change of the pH indicator in blood, wait like amino acid, protein, nucleic acid, lipoid, vitamin, antibiotic, alkaloid. Technology of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph has detached efficiency speed of tall, analysis fast, sensitivity is advanced advantage, take the place of in modern medicine got applied extensively in kinetic research.

The amount that in medical generation the kinetic need in analysing a process has index composition to make clear mirrors what the data will monitor medicaments to distributing excrete and inside the metabolic circumstance of composition of source sex index, will affect the factor of medicaments action quite, directive and reasonable with medicine. The separate analysis method that uses concentrated juice photograph can from humoral or get these quantities reflect a data in the organization. But determine the sensitivity of methodological particularity, accuracy takes the place of immediate impact medicine the accuracy of kinetic research, place analyses the requirement of the object with differring to satisfy, often need the detector of a variety of types. The article was summed up for clew with the detector with commonly used law of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph in recent years this method in Chinese traditional medicine medicine takes the place of the application in kinetic research.

Photograph of fluid of 1 high pressure -- ultraviolet detector (UV)

Ultraviolet detector is the detector with the most commonly used law of color atlas of concentrated juice photograph, its action principle is to be based on be absorbed of ultraviolet light optionally to specific wavelengh by analytic sample, the relation obedience of sample chroma and absorbance is more mensurable than Er. Miao Haijun [2] was built determine for internal standard with naphthol the milk thistle in plasma of guest oppose law of color atlas of photograph of concentrated juice, reach the process inside the body of milk thistle guest shows 2 rooms model. Acting kinetic parameter is its medicine respectively: Absorb rate constant 0.76h - 1, constant of distributinging photograph rate is 1.21h - 1, eliminate photograph rate constant to be 0.48h - 1, the area below the curve when medicine is 239.4ng.h.ml - 1, distributinging bulk is 0.40mg.ml.ng - 1, cleared rate is 0.36mg.ml.ng - 1.h - 1. It is what the clinical research of milk thistle guest offerred a handy delicacy to detect method.
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