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Law of fluid photograph color atlas determines the content that inject spends th
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Taste the small cup that it is the lamp to spend element to join appropriate excipient originally, offer the asepsis product that inject uses via what freeze-dry makes.
[make a way ] small cup extraction the light spends element, add right amount inject to use water, use PH of sodium carbonate adjustment to be worth to 7, agitate liquefy, add inject to use manna alcohol again right amount, divide bacterium filtration, determine content, cent outfit, freeze-dry, heal, get namely.
[character] This tasting for flaxen the loose lump content to yellow.
[differentiate] (1) takes 1 bottle tasting, add water 3ml liquefy, buy evaporates in Min, add 1ml of solution of 0.1mol/L hydrochloric acid, the evaporate on Yu Shuiyu works, residual dissolve with methanol 4ml, filtration, filtrate divides buy in 2 tube. A few magnesium is added in one canal pink and several hydrochloric acid, show orange red; Solution of methanol of 0.1mol/L chloridize Strontium is added in another canal [take chloridize Strontium (6H 2 O of · of SrCL 2) 2.7g, dissolve with methanol and dilute comes 100ml, shake up] 1~2 drop and alkalescent methanol solution (take 1ml of thick ammonia solution, add methanol to 10ml, mix even) 1~2 drips, generate orange red to precipitate namely.
(2) measures calm 〕 according to 〔 content the method below experiments, in tasting color atlas for trying, should appear to contrast with glucoside of wild the root of large-flowere skullcap taste the chromatographic peak with reservation same time.
[check] PH value takes this tasting, add water to make the solution that contains 5mg of glucoside of wild the root of large-flowere skullcap into every 1ml, determine lawfully (appendix Ⅶ G) , should be 6.0~8.0.
Relevant material takes a picture concentrated juice color atlas law (appendix Ⅴ D) determine
Color atlas condition and systematic applicability experiment measure calm 〕 with 〔 content the regulation below.
Examination law takes this tasting, according to every 10mg glucoside of wild the root of large-flowere skullcap adds water 1ml to dissolve, add methanol to make the solution that contains 0.4mg of glucoside of wild the root of large-flowere skullcap about into every 1ml, as taste solution for trying. Exact amount is taken taste solution 1ml for trying, in buy 100ml measuring flask, add methanol to scale, mix even, as contrast solution. Take contrast appearance of color atlas of photograph of fluid of infuse of L of μ of solution 5, adjust detect sensitivity, make advocate the 10% that is full span into the peak height that divides chromatographic peak. Reassume tastes L of μ of solution 5 for trying, appearance of color atlas of infuse fluid photograph, record chromatogram comes advocate 2.5 times of time of composition peak reservation. Measure taste the peak area the sum of each impurity on solution chromatogram for trying and with taste solution for trying advocate composition peak area is compared, computation, matter content must not cross 3% .
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